Saturday, September 12, 2015

Nadedubanda daari

Saravu Ram Bhat  a lawyer by profession has also made name as a poet and an agriculturist. He writes his poems under the pen name "Saurabha" - ಸೌರಭ.  His son S.Vijayashankar has picked up literary writing from him.

Wing Commander S K Ramachandra Bhat is the first Air Force Fighter Pilot from our family.   He joined the British Royal Airforce in 1946.   Met  with a road accident in Bangalore and died in 1960.    His son Jyothi Kiran Bhat, a helicopter pilot,  retired from  the Indian Air Force as Wing Commander.   


C.V.Shankar, Madikeri (1930 - 2015) was a Sports Coach.   He trained many local players  in Hockey and Cricket games. His twin borther C.V.Sadashiva was a good Hockey player in this days.  He played for Mercara Wanderers team. 


Friday, September 7, 2012

Cukkemane tree building

I feel happy to inform that the family tree of  entire Cukkemane branches are now published, i.e. Kakotuparambu/Mugooru Branch, Mottemane/Cheyyandane Branch, Saravu Branch have been published in  Our other branch Narasajjanamane was already published in by Dr. K.G.Bhat a few years back.
I completed the posting in 2 days i.e. on 31/08/2012 and 01/09/2012 the first 2 branches and Saravu Branch was posted on 02/09/202.   Have invited most of the members who were members of my earlier publication in   Unlike earlier publication, the permits each member to contribute to the family tree by addition, modification etc.
Wish you all will like it.  

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Saravu Cukkemane Family Tree

I am happy to announce that I have published a new family tree of our Saravu branch of Cukkemane and the url is:
I will be very happy to receive information like: name, e-mail id, date of birth, date of marriage, photo, profession etc so that the details can be updated against the respective name in the family tree to give complete picture of him/her.
If any additions/corrections to be made your suggestion/information are welcome.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Cukkemane Family Tree Building

The building of our family tree "Cukkemane" started off as a hobby to me. My upbringing and contact with various family members has helped me in collecting information about our family since my high school days. During the rainy seasons in Virajpet, we used to sit around a charcoal stove enjoying the heat and chat on various topics & things. My father used to narrate various interesting experiences about his past that has helped me in knowing about our family. He had given the basic information on which I started my hand written project, unknowingly the Hobby became a PASSION and it has now taken this shape.
I published our family tree with the web site. Since it is only a hobby I chose to publish under the "Free Version" of the web site. Then the site had offered space upto 500 persons and I thought that it was more than enough.

The first family site was published on 14/08/2008 with 189 persons. The response to this site from family members and also from un-expected corners i.e. from outsider to the family gave me more encouragement. There were some errors like depiction of wrong photos against the names, date taken as month i.e. 2nd April is represented as 4th February, etc. these informations needed to be modified or changed in the tree, which I could not do it without the help from the website, which was not available in the free version. This resulted in publishing second family tree with the same persons with corrected information. The Cheyyandane branch (Motte-mane) members gave excellent support and extended all the information they knew helping me in linking the Kakotuparambu branch with Cheyyandane branch which resulted in extending the number of persons in the family tree to 373 in the second family site.
I was pretty happy that I was well within the limit of 500 persons and the future additions will not be a problem. However this was not to be. MyHeritage web site gave a notice that they are reducing the number of persons in a family tree to 250 and allocating additional space for other informations. This has forced me to think of alternatives and decided on publishing the different branches of the family on separate sites within One of the satisfying information is that the already published family tree will be left as it is provided no further changes are published in it.
So I published my third family tree on 21 October 2009 and fourth tree on 14 Nov. 2009. Mugooru Branch has about 214 names and Cheyyandane Branch has about 173 names. I wish that there may not be further decrease in the numbers by the MyHeritage in the near future.
I have plans of publishing the Saravu Branch of our family shortly. Thereafter I intend to take up the remaining branch of Narasajjanamane Branch.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Saravu Cukkemane

This episode is based on the information provided by C.V.Shankar, aged about 50 years, former Principal of DAV Public Schools at various places and now Arecanut farmer at Pelathottu, Mavinakatte Post, Bantwal taluk – 574324, Dakshina Kannada.


Kukke Linga Bhat is the oldest name remembered by the present generation here. After him they know one Krishna Bhat. He had two sons namely Shankara and Venkataramana. Shankara built the present house at Saravu. The construction details inscribed on the upper portion of the main door of the House are: “Samvatsara 1866, Roudranama samvatsara phalguna shudda pravesha. Sadri mane kattida kharchu rupayee 1000 shri shri”

This house is also known as Uyyale mane. Seetharama and Gopala are the present residents of this ancestral house. Our ancestor’s Kuladevaru was Durgaparameshwari prior to their migration to Saravu from Sagara or Gokarna. Our forefathers on assurance to Lakshmi Narasimha of Kukke Subramanya accepted Him as Kuladevaru of Cukkemane. But even now at our Saravu house Narasimha is worshipped as Mane Devaru in the Noon and Durgaparameshwari is worshipped as Kuladevaru at Night. Saravu Seetharama and Gopala carry on the Pooja at the Saravu house under the guidance of Saravu Ram Bhat with elaborate rituals of a Temple. Many members of our family visit this ancestral house with devotion and respect. Seetharama and his family members receive the visitors with warmth and affection.

The successive members of the Saravu Cukkemane partitioned their property and settled at different places. They have different surnames used according to the partition of their properties. They are S-Saravu, S.K -Saravu Karekkadu, C – Cukkemane, K –Kukkemane. Some of the family members have migrated to Dharmasthala, Sampaje, Puttur and one descendent by name Shankara was the last to migrate to Kodagu and came to Yemegundi village near Madikeri. C.V.Shankar is the grand son of Shankara. C.V. Shankar, Gopal Chokkady and his son Aravinda Chokkady are among the prominent persons who have returned to Dakshina Kannada from Kodagu.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Adda Hesaru (Pet Name)
We have come across several instances of a person having more than one name. In many communities or regions of India we name the child with one name only, unlike the practice of western countries. Even where a person has more than one name we come across the cases of Pet Names. We observe that the successive generations in a family have the practice of repeating the forefather’s names and this is one of the main reasons for the prevalence of Pet Name even now.
I have a collection of Adda Hesaru of our family members, which may not be exhaustive, but some are quite cute. Pet names bring me fond memories of the persons I know.
1: Sankanna: One of the earlier hand written family trees mentions Shankaranarayana as Sankanna.
6: Aichikkayya: C.R.Subraya was popularly called Aichikkayya by his nephews/nieces. His contemporaries also called him as Karanikara Subraya since he was a Karanika or Accountant in Revenue Department of Kodagu.
7: Anna: C.V.Seetharama Rao was the eldest among his generation and his children copied from elders and were addressing him as anna.
Thammanna: C.S.Shivarama was younger to only a few but anna to many of his generation and was called Thammanna. Some times is referred to as Mooguru Thammanna or Kakotu Thammanna as there was another Thammanna among the cousins.
Puttani: C.S.Gopalakrishna brother of Shivarama, Kakotuparambu.
Thammanna: C.Lakshminarayana Rao was also referred to as Delhi Thammanna since he was serving at MES Accounts in Delhi.
Papa: C.S.Ramachandra.
Puttani: C.Krishnamurthy.
Mari: C.S.Parameshwara Rao.
Sannappa: C.S.Vishweshwara Rao.
Thangi: C.R.Kamala.
Vishu: N.S.Govindasharma brother of N.S.Ramadasa
8: Muthu: C.G.Narasimhamurthy.
Thamma: C.S.Shreekara.
Thangi: C.S.Gangamma.
Chami: C.S.Subramanya.
Raja: C.N.Subramanya.
Puttakka: C.S.Chandramathi is one of the younger sisters of her generation.
Puttanna: C.S.Venkatachalapathy. Even though called Puttanna he is one of the youngest in his generation.
Papu: C.B.Ramamurthy.
Mari: C.C.Venkatalakshmi.
Baby: C.B.Muralidhara
Raja: Dr.Ravi Subramanya N.K.
9: Puttanna: C.N.Gopalakrishna.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Nadedubanda daari

Nadedubanda daari (Journey through the Generations):
Here I would like to narrate the various professions undertaken by our family members through different generations even though our forefathers started off with Pooja and had a very humble beginning. I feel it is really great that we have covered a VAST SPECTRUM of the living.
The first generation was brought to Kakotuparambu exclusively for the Pooja of the Kalabhairava deity. The different career path taken by the various generations are given with some of the notable persons of each generation. The successive generations have followed many of the professions of earlier ones, but to avoid repetitions I have highlighted the new ones in the following generations.
The following is only a collection of information and if there is a need to correct, the suggestions are welcome.

Generations:1 to 4: Mainly Pooja, pourohitya and agricultural landlords.
Shankaranarayana – Pooja and pourohitya.

5 & 6: Pooja, pourohitya, landlords, teachers and Govt./revenue department jobs, lawyers and ayurvedic medicines.C.M.Venkappayya, C.M.Subraya: popular teachers retired as Head Masters and also were good at ayurvedic medicines (naadu maddu), C.M.Rama Rao: First Indian Educational Officer of independent Coorg State, C.R.Subraya: popular as Karanikara Subraya joined Revenue dept. of Kodagu. C.N.Venkappayya was a lawyer at Madikeri.

7: Agriculture including Coffee plantations, judges, and industrialists, cooperative dept., military accounts & medical core, doctors, engineers, Banking, Plantation Managers, Migrations to other places in search of new jobs.N.K.Ganapayya: Harle Estate, Sakleshpur was also president of Havyaka Sangha Bangalore for a long time, N.K.Krishnamurty: Kogaravalli Estate, Sakleshpur, N.R.Gopalakrishna was a popular Judge at Madikeri, C.V.S. Brothers: C.V.Srinivasa Rao, C.V.Sadashiva Rao & C.V.Shankar started own Small Scale Industry at Madikeri, C.R.Narayana Rao joined Coop. Dept., C.L.Rao, C.Krishnamurthy & C.S.Parameshwara Rao (brothers) joined Military Eng. Services accounts, C.S.Ranganath retired as Lt.Colonel of Army Medical Core, Dr. (Capt.) C.R.Chandrashekhar was a popular doctor at Anekal, Dr.C.S.Natesh was very popular at K.R.Nagar, Dr.C.R.Gopalakrishna after retirement from Tamil Nadu govt. service was Resident Medical Officer at Annamalai University, Chidambaram, C.V.Gopalakrishna of Kelinja is an Engineer in Metallurgy, C.V.Seetharama Rao was Secretary of Town Coop. Bank, Virajpet and later started The Metropolitan Institute – the first typewriting & short hand teaching institute of Kodagu, C.V.Sadashiva Rao served as Manager of Kurkanmatti Estates, Lalbagh Estates – large Coffee Estates in Chickmagalur Dist., C.S.Vishweshwara Rao was a Manager of Madapur Estate in Kodagu, apart from the migrations within the state Ramaiya Cukkemane (Bombai Rama) went to Deolali and then to Bombay in Maharashtra.

8: Chartered Accountants, Medical Research, Geology, Insurance, Businessman, Innovations, Hotel/Catering, Military –army & naval cadres, Migrations to other countries for new jobs.
C.S.Ravindranath retired as Asst.Gen.Manager – Finance of H.M.T.Ltd., Bangalore, Dr.Narahari is doing a medical research at Kasaragodu especially to cure phylaria, C.S.Ramadas retired from ONGC. C.V.Manjunath & C.N.Poornima joined LIC of India, N.K.Jayaprakash Narayan has Das Electricals at Sakleshpur, S.K.Anand of Master Plannery, Puttur has been doing innovative works in the field of Civil Constructions, C.J.Sunil is a National Institute of Designs, Ahmedabad qualified furniture designer in Bangalore, Ashok Ramaiya Cukkemane retired from Income Tax Dept. has his own Hotel/Catering firm at Mumbai, C.C.Ramachandra retired from Vijaya Bank has taken up Hotel Management at USA. , C.L.Ramesh retired as a Brigedier of Indian Army, Suresh Ramaiya Cukkemane retired from Indian Navy is at Abu Dhabi, Arun Kumar Ramaiya Cukkemane is a Manager in Emirates Air Lines at Sharjah.

9: IT & BPO, Pharmacy, Ayurvedic Doctors, Business Administration, Research, and Diamonds - Diamantaire.
We have many Engineers in IT & BPO industry; C.R.Rakesh is at Dr.Reddy’s Labs, Caracas, Venezuela, Dr. C.R.Nalini Sharma is at Vamadapadavu, Bantwal taluk, Dr. Sowmya is at Ishwara Mangala near Puttur, C.R.Vinay- an MBA is Co-founder, Chairman & Managing Director of Customercentria at Mumbai, C.R.Anitha an MBA is at Adelaide, Australia, Dr.Abhishek Cukkemane is doing research in Physics at Juelich, Germany, Anup Ashok Kumar Cukkemane – qualified in Diamond grading and assorting has his own firm in Mumbai – a Diamantaire.

14 Dec. 2008.

Saravu Ram Bhat  a lawyer by profession has also made name as a poet and an agriculturist. He writes his poems under the pen name "Saurabha" - ಸೌರಭ.  His son S.Vijayashankar has picked up literary writing from him.

Wing Commander S K Ramachandra Bhat is the first Air Force Fighter Pilot from our family.   He joined the British Royal Airforce in 1946.   Met  with a road accident in Bangalore and died in 1960.    His son Jyothi Kiran Bhat, a helicopter pilot,  retired from  the Indian Air Force as Wing Commander.   


S.K.Ramachandra Bhat is one of the rare Veterinarian in our family,  presently working as Director of Karnataka Milk Federation, Dharawad.


C.V.Shankar, Madikeri (1930 - 2015) was a Sports Coach.   He trained many local players  in Hockey and Cricket games. His twin borther C.V.Sadashiva was a good Hockey player in this days.  He played for Mercara Wanderers team.